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Wenger Is Open To New Deal

The majority of Arsenal fans will be relieved to hear that Arsene Wenger will indeed be looking to sign another contract with the team when his current deal ends in the summer of 2014 assuming the club want him to continue that is.

With his contract only having a year left on it and his name being linked with the possible vacancy at PSG if Ancelotti leaves as it is rumored, fans were worried about their team’s future. Wenger did immeditately say that he honors his contract when asked about the PSG link recently but he did not talk about his Arsenal future. That has now changed. Wenger spoke about his future with the team yesterday as reported in the DailyMail. Wenger said,

‘I want to stay if I do well and if I consider, or the club considers, that I do well, that is all. I want this club to do well, that is my basic feeling.

‘We have gone through a period that was very sensitive, we are coming out of it now, in a much stronger position financially.

‘I believe the club is in a very strong position for the future. For the rest, my own person is less important, what is important is the future of the club.’

So Wenger, who is the most successful manager in club history, has now expressed his desire to continue his current role. Even if his resume is devoid of trophies as far as the past 7 years and ten months goes, he is still determined to continue on and he believes that Arsenal are on the cusp of good things having worked through a period of transition. Let’s hope he is right.

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