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Will These Be Arsenal’s Most Important Winter Signings?

Both Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil’s contracts will expire in the summer of 2018 and new deals should be around the corner. As always, negotiations are tough with Arsenal and especially Wenger who has a strict but fair policy regarding players’ salaries. The Frenchman is a strong believer in the fact that a club should revolve around more than money and the players performing for that club should do the same. That is why he is always thinking twice or even three times before giving everyone what they want. Hopefully Ozil and Giroud will put a bigger price on what the Gunners represent rather than on what their paycheck looks like at the end of the month.

The French striker will probably be the first to extend his deal as he considers North London his home. Giroud feels like a new deal would be good recognition of his efforts – which by the way, have been incredible these last months – and that his future is at the Emirates. Here is what he had to say about a new deal as reported by Sky Sports: “We’re on the verge of reaching an agreement for an extension. It’s also a sign of confidence and I want to continue my adventure here in this Arsenal family, and I feel very good here.”

“When I spoke with the manager, he always kept telling me that I’m an important player. I know what I’m capable of and it’s just a case of being patient, working hard in training and waiting for your hour to come.”

Ozil should follow but with one condition – to be sure Wenger extends his contract as well. He even stated that as reported by the Guardian: “The club knows that I am here most of all because of Arsène Wenger. He is the one who signed me and he is the one whose trust I have. The club also knows that I want to be clear what the manager is going to do.” This is a no-brainer for Arsenal’s management who despite all criticism, should keep Wenger for as long as he wants to stay. If Giroud and Ozil sign that leaves Sanchez who might be a bit harder to convince to stay without another big transfer or a big increase in salary.

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